Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Grade 1/2 Students worked in pairs or small groups to re-create a story board, and a few sentences based on 'L'arbre magique de Lina'.

French Gr. 8 The lesson was about le partitif and the negative. They applied the   vocabulary from the unit. This is a concept that needed reviewing.
Grade 9 French- Letters were read aloud for peer assessment. This unit is now complete.

Grade 5/6 The class used the French period to complete the menu component (this is homework to decorate and prepare your final copy for Thursday).

Grade 3/4 After finishing reading the text on flying, and extracting verbs and expressions, students collaborated to create their own story using the textbook as a model.

JK/SK The class watched a video on animal characters having their own 'olympics', and importance on being happy about everyone's success.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Grade 1/2 A Valentine kink of poem. The students are so proud! They also decorated with keys, hearts etc.

Grade 5/6 The menus are coming along nicely. Much research was done as well.

Grade 8 French worked on the unit vocabulary, and are encouraged to complete today's work as homework.

Grade 9 French Letters have been edited, and are due to be presented on Tuesday next week.

Grade 3/4 Students read short articles about flight events from the past.

JK/SK worked on their Valentine poem and coloring.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Grade 1/2 In order to complete the animal and adjectives unit, students listened to the last riddle: Sohoorang, the white tiger, mascot of the 2018 Winter Olympics. They created their own mascot for our school.

Grade 9 French- Students who had not completed last week's task, worked on their 5 sentence reflection on G.M.O. This was due today by 4 pm.
Grade 8 French- Students listened to a selection of short texts about Art. They worked on vocabulary as well.

Grade 5/6 The class was split into 2 groups for a lively battle of verbs. The game got very competitive, however, everyone was a winner! This class has several students who recognize and utilize strategies.

Grade 3/4 Students had their booklet edited, and presented to the class. A few students who were done early, worked with readers (graded books), and completed activities.

JK/SK As we are gearing toward the Olympics 2018, the Games Mascot was introduced. Please meet Soohorang, the white tiger.

Friday, 2 February 2018


JK/SK It was fun to begin the day with our younger students. It started with a lesson in the gym with a very special guest: Gunther, la marmotte. We had our very own groundhog (Gunther) to experience how it would see its shadow.

Grade 7/8 Today's focus was to play with passé composé, and re-create a grid with regular verbs.
Grade 9 French Students were completing their sentences (5) about the video they watched in class and at home. ALL 5 SENTENCES (YOUR REFLECTION) ARE DUE ON TUESDAY.

Grade 5/6 Students listened to a recording of a dialogue heard in a restaurant. They also had a chance to record themselves with a partner for further practice.
Everyone has chosen a menu/restaurant theme to work on next week.

Grade 3/4 Almost everyone finished their sentences, worked on their booklets. These should be presented on Tuesday.

Grade 1/2 Today was for completing the week's activities, and collaborate with partners on topics such as animals and adjectives, and winter clothing vocabulary.


Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Grade 1/2 The class took on a word search with vocabulary about Winter clothes (this is a short review). Also, they have a little homework to complete for Friday. The grade 2s should be able to finish it, and the grade 1s may try a couple of pictures. If the grade ones find it too difficult, no worries, we will complete it Friday.

Grade 7 & 8 received their exams back to review. While the Grade 8 French group worked on sections of the test and made corrections, the Grade 9 French started to watch a video about G.M.O. food.

HOMEWORK: please watch the video again at home (Google C'est pas Sorcier, Les O.G.M), and write a 5 sentence reflection to hand in on Friday.

Grade 5/6 Today's lesson was focused on a dialogue on interactions in a restaurant. Please listen to the audio at home. Here is the link: http://tourismefle.free.fr/au_restau.htm#Dialogue. Use the handout from today's class.

Grade 3/4 Students brainstormed sentences to use in their booklet for La Tâche Finale for this unit.
They will complete 6 sentences (they have copied models from the board) as a rough copy, and Friday will be for completing the booklet.

JK/SK It is Carnival Time in the classroom! Students coloured 2 activity sheets with pictures from the video they watched on Monday.

Monday, 29 January 2018


Grade 1/2 This morning was all about listening, reading and writing. Students identified the correct sentences to match with pictures.

Grade 7/8 both classes took their mid term this morning.

Grade 5/6 no French today.

Grade 3/4 Today was reading and comprehension activity

JK/SK Students watched a video about the Quebec Carnival.

Thursday, 25 January 2018


Grade 1/2 The class was like a beehive of activity. Students picked up their work from Tuesday, and completed their short description of an animal. A few students chose to do two! Great work all around.

Grade 8 French, and a few Grade 9 French- students put the last touch on their exam booklet.
STUDY AND REVIEW FOR MONDAY 29, and make sure to bring your review/exam booklet back.

Grade 5/6 The new unit on restaurant has begun. This unit is also the platform to learn new verbs.
HOMEWORK: memorize the 4 verbs learned today.

Grade 3/4 Students are working on verbs to better describe activities of social animals.

JK/SK students listened to a modified story of 'Le Petit Chaperon Rouge' where they had to interact with the narrator. They also talked about going to see a play.
The end of the lesson was about 'sucré ou salé' where they had to indicate what different foods are.