Monday, 12 June 2017


Grade 1/2 Students were working in 2 groups and accumulating points by answering questions about animals from the wetlands (les marais). They listened to descriptions to answer. It was a very even race!

Grade 7 Students worked on unit vocab while playing hangman, and completed a crossword puzzle about animals/environment.
Grade 8 Students went over their final exam, and reflected on what they could have done to boost a few marks. Overall, good work.

Grade 5/6 The theme this week is endangered animals around the world. After a round of hangman (their favourite game), they will have a short presentation about an animal of their choice. Gather information about which continent they live on, a short description, and what is their biggest predator.

Grade 3/4 Well, what can I say! They have become the 'dream team in the making', and they are pretty proud about this title. They beat the grade 7/8 on the same crossword puzzle. Bravo Macy, for getting 500 house points and winning the contest. This group was all about collaboration when it came to dictionary skills and helping Macy finish first.

JK/SK Lots of fun with a mix and match of vocabulary, searching the classroom for objects and colours, and finally singing Fablanimo, of which they seem to love and sing everywhere around the school.

Thursday, 8 June 2017


Grade 1/ 2 Today,  students were knee deep in the wetlands, well not quite. They labelled Canadian animals from the wetlands. The internet provided colourful pictures so the students were able to represent the true colours for each creature.

Grade 5/6s worked on a brochure to help future students with loads of advice. Lots of fun!

Grade 3/4 Students broke into groups and brainstormed (reflected, really) on what they most like this past year, and compiled the information.

JK/SK Yes, they sang Fablanimo, and they are SUPERB! Also, they completed an activity about what summer vacation may bring.
And just for good measure, they each took turns to count 0-30. WOW!

Friday, 2 June 2017


***Please note that I will be collecting textbooks by end of next week. I you have your textbook at home, please make sure to bring it back to school.

Grade 1/2 We had the assembly for the month of June this morning. When students worked on assembling sentences in groups of 2 or 3, they used the following structure: noun + verb + preposition + another noun. For example: Le crayon + est + sur + la table.
The combinations are endless, and I had to deplete my stash of stickers! Bravo!

Grade 3/4 The class started with: En fin de semaine, je vais.....Everyone contributed. The last activity was the drawing of a backyard after a strong wind. French vocabulary and dictionary skills were on the menu today. Great class.

Grade 5/6 Today was about putting sentences together, and matching verbs. Great job all around. The last part of class was about making rapping rhymes with the weather. Much fun for everyone.

Grade 7 Students were divided in 3 groups, and completed a game of Jeopardy with French verbs, unit vocabulary and novel study.
Grade 8 Today was the final preparation for the exam which will take place on Tuesday, June 6.

JK/SK The class was a bit late starting, because of this afternoon play. They sang Fablanimo and listened to another story about feelings as told from barnyard animals.

Monday, 29 May 2017


Grade 1/2 Big rehearsal for tomorrow's concert! They are ready.

Grade 7 Students completed last week's read and comprehension activity to wrap up the unit on 'spéléologie'. They also have begun to read about large structures around the world and working with numbers 0-1000, as well as some architectural vocabulary. EVERYTHING IN THIS UNIT IS LARGE!

Grade 8 Students are working on their review package and will be doing so for the rest of the week. FRENCH FINAL EXAM IS ON TUESDAY, JUNE 6.

Grade 5/6 There was no French today. This period was taken with dress rehearsal.
JK/SK We are continuing the exploration of feeling in the barnyard. Students are singing, and learning about feelings and expressions with avoir.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017


Grade 1/2 The class engaged in a very lively round of Simon dit and Round the world to test all the material done so far. Wow, they are able to follow directions, tell where things are, do simple addition problems...

Grade 5/6 Students reviewed the components of a complete sentence and worked on their project. It is due on Tuesday May 23.

Grade 8- Each student had a conference time about their telephone message along with some editing to do. Please memorize the finished product for Tuesday, May 23, performance task. Although next Tuesday (23rd) will be Track and Field day, you will be pulled out for a few minutes, between events to complete the oral component of the performance task.

Grade 7 worked on their cave project, also due May 23. Although it is Track and Field day on Tuesday, students are asked to turn in their projects in for me to mark. You will be presenting later during that week.

Grade 3/4 Students were given 30 minutes to look at the very good science exhibits by the grades 5/6/7/8. Returning to class, the nature 3 D projects were completed (almost) and will be presented next week.

JK/SK In the spirit of feelings, students identified the names of feelings in French, sang the theme song Fablanimo, and listened to 2 animal interaction stories. They also did a little bit of acting out the story.

Monday, 15 May 2017


JK/SK All about 'les grenouilles'. Students listened about the life cycle of a frog, and coloured a booklet demonstrating frog growing from eggs to UNE GRENOUILLE.

Grade 7 Several students were assisting with Sciences activities in the gym. The rest of the class completed questions about 'sortir et partir'. Thank you Garret for having worked on the short assignment/sketch of a cave.
PROJECT is due Tuesday, May 23rd
Goal- describe a cave using 4 senses: j'entends, je vois, je sens et je touche
Role- guide us through your cave as you describe it with unit vocabulary
Audience- teacher and peers
Situation- enter the cave, describe a few rooms, use SORTIR/PARTIR
Product- minimum 15 sentences, a picture.

Grade 8- Students worked on their performance task. REMEMBER THAT YOUR CONFERENCE  WITH ME WILL HAPPEN ON THURSDAY, since you were not ready with a rough copy on Tuesday.

Grade 5/6 Students worked with 4 irregular verbs: Aller, faire, avoir & être. They also worked on their project: Galaxécole, 12 to 15 sentences, use the above verbs and an agenda. Describe your school.

Grade 1/2 Les prépositions: telling where things are. Learn, practice and illustrate.

Thursday, 11 May 2017


Grade 1/2 Adjectives and full sentences, and something really well done for the IB Portfolio.

Grade 7 Verbs Partir and Sortir, practice on activity sheets. For next class Monday, please have a quick sketch, 5-6 sentences using the sample sheet to prepare to use the unit vocabulary. Don't forget to use prepositions and the new verbs.
Grade 8 Worked on les pronoms disjoints. For next week, have your rough draft of the telephone message, so that Tuesday and Thursday we can conference, make changes/edit, and you have time to memorize the message for final performance task on Tuesday, May 23. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Grade 5/6 Today' s lesson was the futur proche. Students made sentences for practice, then had time to work on the project.

Grade 3/4 Today we finished listing the items from the Nature Walk (Monday). Students also wanted to show me crystals and minerals, so they were included in the discussion and the notes. On Monday, students will prepare a 3D collage of their walk findings and results.

JK/SK They completed the community helpers with 3 different pop up books. À la ferme, À la maison and l'eau à la ville.