Tuesday, 21 November 2017


Grade 1/2 The class talked about la 'Suisse' ahead of International Mindedness Day on Friday. They associated vocabulary they already knew, and applied to the country they picked to present. They also collaborated on a writing exercise where they unscrambled 4 words to make a sentences. Both grades shared knowledge on this activity. Well done!

Grade 7 & 8 Students are coming together to put a short play for the Christmas concert. Please read your lines at home to familiarize yourself with them, and if you have questions, bring them on Friday (everyone has a script and knows which scene they have chosen).

Grade 5/6 Students have started a new unit: les carrières. The focus today was verbs avoir, être and er ending verbs.

Grade 3/4 The class is continuing with the theme: le Moyen Âge. Students worked out where their family came from: 'ma famille vient de...' It was fantastic to see how internationally blended our groups are. There was a bit of time to discuss a few facts about the 'Olympiques' such as what official languages are used throughout the world.

JK/SK Students were proud to talk about their findings on their chosen country: l'Italie! They had fun listening and repeating words in French resembling Italian.

Friday, 17 November 2017


Grade 1/2 Students used the pictionary (thank you Grace for finding them on the shelves), and labelled their illustrations in their note book. Students are describing someone's clothing on an ongoing basis.

Grade 9 French- It took a little bit of time to sort out technical glitches, but both groups presented their skits and police report of a murder mystery event. Well done.
Grade 8 French- Students either watched the videos of their classmates, or were away for other activities.

Grade 5/6 Students worked on the verb 'avoir', and made sentences by assembling different parts of sentences.

Grade 3/4 Le Moyen Âge! The word search today was about the different trades. Students noticed that there similarities between the French words and English. They were excited about this, since they could relate a few trades to today's occupations. They also had a fun activity where they had to search for object that did not belong to that ear.

JK/SK We are almost done with patterns. Today, students created their own patterns with sounds, such as frappez les mains, tape du pied...(clap and stomp you foot etc).

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Grade 1/2 Bingo, coins, clothing vocabulary and lots of fun.

Grade 8 French- Fantastic work was done, and the stories were interesting and creative. Students demonstrated great awareness in identifying their strengths and weaknesses.  Good job!
Grade 9 French- Students were busy finalizing their projects. Presentations are on Friday.

Grade 5/6 The first half of the period was spent illustrating expressions with avoir, such as 'j'ai besoin d'un crayon, Tu as froid, il a peur du monstre'.
The second part was reading a story and answering comprehension questions.
Homework: if your illustrations of expressions with avoir (p39) are not finished, please complete this work for Friday. You will finish the comprehension questions on Friday during class.

Grade 3/4 Le Moyen Âge continues. Students were very quick matching parts of words and learning new ones. For instance, they discovered the word 'cathédrale'. They were able to look at world famous cathedrals and their incredible stained glass. They also looked at 'chaumières', houses with thatch roofs.

JK/SK Today was about time in all sorts of representations. Seasons, clocks, calendars. Students looked at a book about time and the different ways time can be identified if you don't have a clock, digital devices etc. For example: un sablier, un cadran solaire, le soleil, la lune et les étoiles...

Monday, 13 November 2017


Grade 1/2 the clothing unit is on going with il/elle porte...and il/elle ne porte pas...sentences.

Grade 8 French Today, is about editing your story.
Grade 9 French This period is to either put the final touch to your work, and video taping.

Grade 5/6 The clothing unit should be finished this week with a read/comprehension section, and quiz on vocabulary.

Grade 3/4 Students are quite knowledgeable about most of the vocabulary related to Le Moyen Âge.

JK/SK Students are working with shapes and patterns. They really like using shapes and collaborate to make new images.

Saturday, 11 November 2017


First, let me apologize to the few students/parents who read this blog. Last Wednesday, I had to leave early to attend a Battle of the Book meeting at the Orangeville Library, Friday was all about animals used during the war.
Grade 7/8 worked both days on their summative project which will be delivered on Wednesday and Friday respectively.

Monday, 6 November 2017


Grade 1/2 Students took turns describing each other's school clothes, adding colours. They also worked on a directional puzzle where they had to follow arrows to connect letters for clothing words.

Grade 8 French Make sure to have your outline in French, (follow your word web from last week). You will be showing your work in progress. Your introduction paragraph should describe what was stolen and where it took place.

Grade 9 French- Students worked with their groups, and laid out their story line.
Each group will produce a poster that includes an identification card, and and invitation card. As discussed, each group may have a choice of medias (audio, video) but each student will have to submit their own copy of the script and the police report.
You have the next 2 periods to work as a group, and homework is to have your story outline ready for Wednesday.

Grade 5/6 Today, students had a very productive work period where everyone worked at their own pace on vocabulary and expressions such as 'il porte, elle porte...des bottes, une robe, une casquette, un pantalon etc.

Grade 3/4 Students have begun the French  portion of 'Le Moyen-Àge'. They accumulated about 20 words, did some dictionary work, and started their own cross-word puzzle with their own word bank.

JK/SK Students worked on shapes and associated colours. They worked in small groups to put shapes together and create new patterns and forms.

Thursday, 2 November 2017


Grade 1/2 The students are beginning to transition between oral and written work. They can identify clothing terminology in short sentences.

Grade 9 French -Students had the opportunity to up grade their marks on last week's quiz. Results demonstrated that with attention to details, on can achieve their best. The rest of the session was about the unit format as it related to IB.

Grade 8 French -Students worked on their word web, which will be the basis of their final story about a stolen property.

Grade 5/6 The students began the period identifying parts of the words: communication and interaction. It took some time before realizing that it was a two way street; meaning listening and responding.
There was also a crossword puzzle with clues about vocabulary to be found in the stories read this past week and a half.

Grade 3/4 The unit on Québec and seasonal activities was wrapped up with a read aloud and comprehension questions.

JK/SK Today was about la migration, la dormance and hibernation. Lots of fun finding animals and what they do to prepare for Winter.