Friday, 13 April 2018


Grade 1/2 The class watched a video about where the water in our towns comes from and where the used water is being treated. This wrapped up their unit on Water Cycle.

Grade 7/8 Students watched a video about the making of . It involved animation technology, design, acting, voice over etc. A short discussion followed.

Grade 5/6  Students watched a video about where the water in our towns comes from and where the used water is being treated. Following the film, students brainstormed actions that could be taken to preserve the water we have. (Earth day is next week). Mr. Hunt jumped in the discussion with a quick lesson in Chemistry about salt, calcium...

Grade 3/4 Dictionary skills at its best. Two groups set out to research vocabulary, and they also played Round The World to learn the new vocabulary.

JK/SK It was Cowboy/girl day, and because it is Friday, students played a variety of games about the vocabulary, preposition, water etc...

Thursday, 12 April 2018


Grade 1/2 Students should be very proud of their work today. They presented their water project to the JK/SK, and did a superb job!

Grade 7/8 Stories were completed today. The use of passé composé was the main component for this summative.

Grade 5/6 The verbs ending in 'IR' irregular and regular ones are all done! Now on to the 'RE' verbs.

Grade 3/4 Today was about 'aller' (to go). A lot of oral practice with this one.

JK/SK Students watched a video showing the rooms and other parts of the house. Then, they practiced saying what colours they had in certain parts of the house. 

Monday, 9 April 2018


JK/SK Today, there was a slight change in schedule, and French was first thing this morning. Students were moving around to act out (and say) the parts of the house. They also talked about what their idea of a home is, and how different it could be for other people. J'ai un toit, une cheminée, un plafond, un plancher, des murs, une fenêtre et une porte: qui suis-je? UNE MAISON!

Grade 7/8 Students were given the task to use 6 pictures which included a verb, and useful vocabulary. They had to use passé composé (most of the verbs required être as an auxiliary).
Students submitted a rough draft. and the task will be finished on Thursday.

Grade 5/6 The class is halfway through the verb unit, and today was about irregular 'ir' verbs.
Homework: please work with the sections you were given (it may be different for each students). However, do not work on Section F. You will be doing this on Thursday.

Grade 3/4 Students took up the homework from last week, which was to identify the objects in a garage sale. Following this they coloured and drew objects as instructed. It was not easy, but everyone got the idea very quickly. It was a combination of colours, objects, positioning and general vocabulary.
Homework: p. 12 match 2 syllables to make up a word.

Grade 1/2 Students are getting ready to present their project about water.  They have requested to have an audience, and on Thursday after more practice, they will present to the JK/SK. They can practice at home (students themselves requested this), but they will have time of practice on Thursday a.m.

Thursday, 5 April 2018


Grade 1/2 Students were busy with making, drawing and labelling posters about water in its various forms. Bravo!

Grade 7/8 Students continued a variety of activities about passé composé and the appropriate choice of verbs.
HOMEWORK- continue working and reviewing what has been done with these verbs. Next class, you will have to complete an activity with vocabulary and pictures. You will be asked to make an original story.

Grade 5/6 The class has begun a new category of verbs 'IR' regular verbs.
HOMEWORK; finish the sections started this morning, and do the last section with 6 sentences beginning with JE, TU, IL, NOUS, VOUS, ELLES, and complete the sentences with an appropriate ending.  Please use a different verb for each.

Grade 3/4 Today, the class applied the concept of using 'tout, tous, toute, toutes'.
They also worked on their dictionary skills when researching for the gender of a word. There was also a short oral segment to learn how to use 'mon, ma, mes, ton, ta, tes'.

JK/SK  Today was about expanding Spring and Water related terminology. Le petit poisson nage et fait des bulles, and un arbre et une branche, avec un nid, un oeuf et un oiseau avec une coquille sur la tête.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Grade 1/2 Previewing April's Earth Day, students brainstormed all things water.
Vocabulary included: océan, lac, rivière, la pluie, le brouillard, évaporation, condensation, précipitation etc.
They have begun to investigate the water system in our town versus countryside.

Grade 7/8 The lesson continues to be about verbs requiring être in passé composé.
HOMEWORK; complete today's activity and make sure to bring everything back for next class (this includes textbooks AND your homework).

Grade 5/6 Students who completed their verb package (ER) as requested for homework, thank you! It also means that you were successful in today's quiz.
Thursday, the class will begin 'IR' verbs.

Grade 3/4 Today's lesson was about 'TOUT', and its many forms. Students were very quick to understand the concept, and were soon building their own sentences.

JK/SK Students identified the different bodies of water.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018


Grade 1/2 Today, students had a bird hunt. No birds were hurt, and everyone left with their own bird. They had to find them by following specific instructions.

Grade 9 French Presentations of a travel journal were done, and each had special elements that reflected personal interests.
Grade 8 French were today's audience.

Grade 5/6 The present unit is all about verbs. Today, students refreshed their memory with 'er' ending verbs, while working on their package.
HOMEWORK; complete the package you started during class. Study, you will have a quiz next week.
This work will be helpful when tackling your French component for Exhibition.

Grade 3/4 Students worked on basic vocabulary, and completed a word search.
HOMEWORK; if you have not yet finished the word search, please do so as your homework.

JK/SK Students had an interactive story about an Easter bunny. This was followed by a colouring session.

Monday, 26 March 2018


Welcome back for the third and last term.

Grade 1/2 brainstormed vocabulary for Easter, and the class Easter Hunt on Wednesday. They have recorded their words, and learned how to follow directions. Thursday, they will create a hunt, complete with locations and instructions.

Grade 7/8 both groups worked on passé composé with the verb 'être'. Students who did not complete today's activity should consider this their homework.
That is to say: minimum 5 complete sentences.
A REMINDER: Grade 9 French: your summative is due on Wednesday!
3 journal entries (about 5 sentences each). Don't forget to put dates too.

Grade 5/6 Students worked on 2 basic verbs: avoir and être, as well as prepositions.

Grade 3/4 Students have begun a new unit about fire prevention and evacuation plans. They took turns to read aloud, and brainstorm the new vocabulary.

JK/SK This week's focus is about an Easter Hunt. How to tell where things are, and how to get there.