Monday, 25 September 2017


Grade 1/2 the students performed their last written task with identifying the colours. It went very well. Everyone was able to hear the word, locate the word, and finally write it (copy it) on the activity sheet.

Grade 8 French- Students worked on the model and vocabulary necessary to start their final task. They also received their self-check sheet to make sure they include all the elements.
Homework: come prepared with a rough draft of your slogan, and the name of your restaurant.

Grade 9 French- Students worked on their 5 sentences mini-bio, and worked on their 3 questions to help attract viewers to their website.
Homework: please come prepared with your work, rough draft completed, to be edited on Wednesday.

Grade 5/6 Great effort on everyone's part during the presentation of a film. Following this, the class created a grid for their 'adjectifs possessifs'.

Grade 3/4 Great reading is happening in this class! There were 2 activities to use the actions performed during a recipe.
Start thinking about what your famous family recipe is!

JK/SK Bravo students ! The routine is well established. They counted...

Thursday, 21 September 2017


Grade 1/2 After a warm up of locate and match items around the classroom, students played colour and number bingo. They really liked it!

Grade 7 The unit poster had to be re-done (they were lost), and during that period students worked on reviewing the imperative verb tense, as well as identifying when to use the vous de politesse concept...
HOMEWORK: using the grammar section with the verbs in your texbook. Make sure to know the most commonly used verbs: ALLER, FAIRE, AVOIIR ÊTRE, VOULOIR, POUVOIR, DEVOIR, SORTIR, PRENDRE, VENIR.
Note: to be effective, pick 2 verbs at a time and memorize them in the present tense.

Grade 8 Students shared their findings about what makes a website a great website. They took a look at The Maples' site, and came up with a final and comprehensive list they could agree upon. Well Done!
HOMEWORK: come prepared on Monday with your idea of a part-time job (age appropriate) and suitable to your strengths.

Grade 5/6 Thank  you to the one student who completed their movie poster and title. Today, students worked on writing their comments about their film.
HOMEWORK; practice once or twice till Monday, reading your critique. You will be presenting during class.

Grade 3/4 Students do know their ingredients for making a pizza! Today, the lesson was about learning to include the partitive (du, de la, des, de l').

JK/ Students had a chance to work apart from the SK. They enjoyed acting up being a tree waving in the wind, and letting the leaves come down. They also coloured 'Automne' their first French work to go into their IB binders.

SK Students incorporated the following elements in their work: identify and colour weather patterns, cut and glue in the correct square with the words for the correspondent statement. This will be included in their IB binders.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


Grade 1/2 Students have begun to do the morning routine of calendar, weather, counting without much prompting. Today's activity was about reading the names of colours and applying them to the correct area.

Grade 8 French Students worked on the verbs: vouloir, pouvoir, devoir. This time, there really is no other way to learn them other than memorizing. For additional practice, complete the activity sheet, if it was not completed ahead of time.

Grade 9 French Students worked with a partner to come up with questions about reflexive/pronominal verbs, and give create examples that will be used to challenge other teams.
Homework: have a look at The Maples website, and jot notes about what is working or not working (suggest improvements). On Thursday, you will brainstorm how to create your own website.

Grade 5/6 Students read about descriptions for movies. They started on their mini poster in their notebook. Please complete the still picture and the title (in French) for your film. Thursday, they will learn to describe and rate their movie.

Grade 3/4 Today's class was about ingredients and  toppings on a pizza. Students also started to learn about basic steps for cooking. Get ready, they will soon come home asking for a family recipe.

JK/SK The class was treated with some soothing classical music, and this made the mellow for awhile. Students mimed a tree swaying in the wind and loosing its leaves. Yes, L'Automne est ici!
After reading Le Château de sable, students located different colours around the classroom.

Friday, 15 September 2017


Grade 1/2 Students are working on a colour booklet. Of course, they know their colours! However, now they are learning to write their names. This is a fun activity that they love, and it is well deserved after a week of hard work.

Grade 7 Students read a comic strip about a difficult client. Following this, they researched the meaning of les mots clés.

Grade 8 Students made corrections on the agreement of regular and irregular adjectives. These will be marked. There was 20 minutes left for a game of connect-4.
HOMEWORK: read page 16-17 Une journée à mon goût, and list 10 pronominal verbs. This will be our topic for next week.
***NOTE***A few students still need to turn in their corrected description that was due on Friday...homework from Wednesday. Let's make sure to use good time-management so the work does not become overwhelming.

Grade 5/6 This morning, this class was able to apply the names and expressions of different locations/ buildings around town. They also had fun when asked to mime situations and guess where it might take place. Students were asked to think about a movie they enjoyed. This will be their topic for next week.

Grade 3/4  Since the students had made fans, we talked about the language of fan in high courts. Ask them about non-verbal language. Today, the story was Ce n'est pas mon passe-temps. Also, today is the beginning of La Pizza unit. There is vocabulary for ingredients and measurements, action verbs for making a recipe.

JK/SK Students sang the days of the week while holding their signs. They worked in pairs to see who could recognize the days, month (Septembre), a few weather patterns.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Grade 1/2 Classmates impressed each other with matching syllables and exchanging cards with each other to form their words. Great demonstration of collaboration, knowledgeable and thinking attributes.

Grade 7 It took some time to get organized, and when that was underway Eve and Zander were in charge of the IB unit chart. Students worked on verbs with plural or multiple subjects. Thank you Daniel and Ben for your follow ups with your classmates.

Grade 8 Thank you Ben and Ella for getting the unit poster started. The rest of the class were able to copy Molly's excellent description, and HOMEWORK is for everyone to make corrections, which will be shared on Friday.

Grade 5/6 It was 'picture day', and it came with a few interruptions. However, the class worked while eating snacks, and completed the vocabulary sheets in no time at all. Bravo!

Grade 3/4 We had the picture day halt in this class also, and students demonstrated how fast they can resume work. Real pros! They acted out all sorts of activities performed around the class, PLUS unscrambling routine actions (verbs).

JK/SK The class began with greetings, and the colouring of a big soccer ball. They finished with singing, actions etc... They were quite intrigued with on-going preparation for the BBQ.

Monday, 11 September 2017


Grade 1/2 Students were quite active around the classroom looking for cards to organize and form classroom vocabulary. They worked quickly and it was lovely to witness the collaboration and interaction.

French 7/8  Students have been reviewing the present tense of different groups. They are encouraged to work independently on memorizing the endings for ER, IR, RE, groups, as well as FAIRE, ALLER, ÊTRE AND AVOIR. You will find these verbs in the handy section at the back of the textbook.
HOMEWORK: if your activity sheet was not completed, please have it done for Wednesday, along with any questions you may have.

French 9- Please review the page you worked on during class, and complete the short description of a friend (5 sentences), also using adjectives. You may use your textbook and reference adjectives in unit 1. Please have the description completed for Wednesday.

Grade 5/6 Today, students worked on  special sounds. Your work is to read the fable on page 12 ONCE. But read it aloud to yourself, so you can hear your own voice.

Grade 3/4 Students combined their efforts and knowledge to match cards with different syllables. Then they copied their vocabulary in their notebook, with their translation. Well done everyone.

JK/SK The class began with the calendar, the weather, a few songs, and counting. They took turn to say to each other: 'comment t'appelles-tu...? Je m'appelle..., comment ça va?... etc. Time passed so quickly that the colouring page will have to wait till Wednesday.

Thursday, 7 September 2017


Grade 1/2 The routine is well established, and students are reviewing calendar, colours, weather, and so much more. Classroom objects are now on the menu, and next week, students will identify them in writing. Grade 1s are paired with grade 2s to ease the reading transition of these frequently used words.

Grade 7 and 8 All students were introduced  to IB terminology, such as Global Contexts, Key Concepts and Related Concepts, and how it relates to the units.
They paired up to construct their Statement of Inquiry (S.O.I. for short). I was amazed to see how they were engaged and sharing ideas, and more than a few great S.O.I. ideas.

Grade 5/6 Today, students took turn reading about Natalie au Québec. The class took up the vocabulary from the text, and noted them in their notebook.
Other than listening to something in French at home, there is no homework at this point.

Grade  3/4 The class went through classroom objects. Then, they drew objects in their notebooks (a few even wrote the words). They also completed the bilingual learner profile board in the classroom.

JK/SK The class has begun  the calendar work in French. It should be posted by next week. With the guidance of senior Ks, they went around the class looking for different colours. They finished with a colouring page showing several school items. They may finish colouring at home.